Group Seminar

In this seminar, we give presentations about our own research. Newcomers to our group talk about their BSc research or previous experience. Sometimes, guest researchers or OB/OG give talks as well.

Held irregularly in the ILTS auditorium, lecture room or conference room.



Date Presenter Title
Evan Gowan The Global Archive of Paleo Sea Level Indicators and Proxies (GAPSLIP) database and its application to assess the history of past ice sheets
Lauren Miller Geologic records of ice sheets past and present
Jason Amundson How do tidewater glaciers respond to climate change?
Soratakato Yamada Drone survey on Qaanaaq Glacier, northwestern Greenland, for studying surface elevation change and supraglacial stream development
Jia-Yan (Arlec) Chang Surface elevation change on Taku Glacier in southeast Alaska from 2014 to 2021
Hiroto Sakata Spatiotemporal reconstruction of accumulation rate in the southeast dome of Greenland ice sheet using ground penetrating radar
Shun Shinohara Analysis of fine particles in the southeast dome ice core of Greenland
Ryo Kusaka Life in North Greenland 50 years ago -Introduction to the Ikuo Oshima archive-
Takako Toyoyama Ice Core Modeling
Kaoru Kawakami Melt features in ice sheet
Ralf Greve Reduced mass loss from the Greenland ice sheet under stratospheric aerosol injection
Takuro Imazu Fluctuations of Qaanaaq Glacier in northwestern Greenland - Field observations and quantifying long-term fluctuations by numerical model
Shinta Ukai Surface topographic survey using UAV at Qaanaaq Glacier in northwestern Greenland
Ken Sato Validation of ice thickness estimation method using GPR data at Qaanaaq Glacier in northwest Greenland
Yoshinori Iizuka Sublimation-SEM analysis of frost flowers on sea ice in Northwest Greenland
Yefan Wang Ice discharge from the marine-terminating outlet glaciers along the coast of Prudhoe land, northwestern Greenland
Mai Matsumoto Measurement of dielectric anisotropy in SE-Dome ice cores
Shuntaro Hata Calving front measurement by LiDAR
Shin Sugiyama Multibeam sonar survey of underwater ice at the front of Glaciar Grey in Patagonia
Tom Dangleterre Influence of basal input data on spin-up simulations of the Antarctic ice sheet
Shinta Ukai Drone survey of Qaanaaq Glacier, northwestern Greenland, for precise DEM construction and for mapping supraglacial streams
Takuro Imazu Changes in the ice flow regime of Qaanaaq Glacier, Northwestern Greenland
Ken Kondo Subglacial measurements at Langhovde Glacier, East Antarctica
Ken Sato Ground penetrating radar survey on Qaanaaq Glacier in Northwestern Greenland
Hiroto Sakata Development of the method of fundamental solutions for anti-plane wave problems in semi-infinite domain
Junya Shimizu Numerical Simulation of Sea Surface Warming in the East China Sea
Shun Shinohara Analysis of metal composition in Greenland SEDome ice core
Takako Toyoyama The effect of initial pressure to firm compaction and survey and remote sensing for land cover
Nonoka Mineshige Identified spring distribution along the river by Infrared Thermal Image
Soratakato Yamada Redox Behavior of Dispirofluorene-acenaphthene Derivatives with a Long C-C Single Bond
Jia-Yan Chang Study on Glacial Landforms in Yabu Creek area, Southern Japanese Alps, utilising high-resolution DEMs and SfM Technology

Reading Circle

For studying basics of glacier physics, we hold this reading circle. Textbook is the most popular one about glacier physics, The Physics of Glaciers (4th. ed.) by Cuffey & Paterson.
Presenter read each part, explain to participants. All participants join discussion, deepen their understandings.

§1. Introduction
§2. Transformation of Snow to Ice
§4. Mass Balance Processes
§15. Ice Core Studies
§8. The flow of Ice Masses

Journal Seminar

Graduate students in the course of Cryosphere introduce recent paper related to their own research theme.
MSc students: twice a year
PhD students: once a year
#Irregularly Friday, @Lecture room, ILTS.

Date Presenter Paper
11/10 Ken Sato Ice thickness estimates of Lemon Creek Glacier, Alaska, from active-source seismic imaging
Haruki Umezu Weather Factors in Different Growing Periods Determine Inter-Annual Change in Growth of Four Sphagnum Species: Evidence from an Eight-Year Study
10/27 Hiroto Sakata Temporally stable surface mass balance asymmetry across an ice rise derived from radar internal reflection horizons through inverse modeling
Soratakato Yamada Topography reconstruction and evolution analysis of outlet glacier using data from unmanned aerial vehicles in Antarctica
10/20 Misa Yamanouchi Investigation of a Nocturnal Cold-Air Pool in a Semiclosed Basin Located in the Atacama Desert
Jia-Yan Chang Combining UAV and Landsat data to assess glacier changes on the central Tibetan Plateau
10/13 Taisei Sakaguchi Arctic sea ice is an important temporal sink and means of transport for microplastic
Takuro Imazu Cooling glaciers in a warming climate since the Little Ice Age at Qaanaaq, northwest Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland)
10/6 Shinta Ukai Surface Characteristics, Elevation Change, and Velocity of High-Arctic Valley Glacier from Repeated High-Resolution UAV
Shun Shinohara Sulfur isotopes quantify the impact of anthropogenic activities on industrial-era Arctic sulfate in a Greenland ice core
7/28 Ken Sato Ice thickness distribution of all Swiss glaciers based on extended ground-penetrating radar data and glaciological modeling
Jia-Yan Chang Sediment redistribution beneath the terminus of an advancing glacier, Taku Glacier (T’aakú Kwáan Sít’i), Alaska
7/21 Takako Toyoyama Multistability and Transient Response of the Greenland Ice Sheet to Anthropogenic CO 2 Emissions
Hiroto Sakata Recent precipitation decrease across the western Greenland ice sheet percolation zone
7/14 Mai Matsumoto Disentangling creep and isothermal metamorphism during snow settlement with X-ray tomography
Shun Shinohara Microstructure, micro-inclusions, and mineralogy along the EGRIP (East Greenland Ice Core Project) ice core ‒ Part 2:Implications for palaeo-mineralogy
7/7 Shinta Ukai Diverse supraglacial drainage patterns on the Devon ice Cap, Arctic Canada
Jyunya Shimizu Helheim Glacier diurnal velocity fluctuations driven by surface melt forcing
Taisei Sakaguchi Assessment of marine debris on the Belgian Continental Shelf
6/30 Ding Manhui Variability and change of precipitation and flood discharge in a Japanese river basin
Misa Yamanouchi Winter Nocturnal Air Temperature Distribution for a Mesoscale Plain of a Snow-Covered Region: Field Meteorological Observations and Numerical Simulations
Soratakato Yamada Controls on Water Storage and Drainage in Crevasses on the Greenland Ice Sheet
6/23 Yutaka Kurosaki Climatological Significance of δD-δ18O Line Slopes From Precipitation, Snow Pits, and Ice Cores at Summit, Greenland
Takuro Imazu Mapping the age of ice of Gauligletscher combining surface radionuclide contamination and ice flow modeling
Nonoka Mineshige Supraglacial streamflow and meteorological drivers from southwest Greenland
6/16 Ken Kondo Geophysical constraints on the properties of a subglacial lake in northwest Greenland
Tom Dangleterre The multi-millennial Antarctic commitment to future sea-level rise
Haruki Umezu Examining the peatland shrubification-evapotranspiration feedback following multi-decadal water table manipulation