Welcome to the homepage of the Glacier and Ice Sheet Research Group, Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University.
We conduct research on glaciers and ice sheets, mainly in Antarctica, Greenland, Patagonia and the Himalayas. Our methods comprise numerical modelling, remote sensing, photogrammetry, field observations and ice-core drilling and analysis.

NEWS 最近の出来事

ArCS II meeting


IASC meeting in Austria


2024/01/02 ~ 01/16
Field observations in Patagonia


INFORMATION グループからのお知らせ

Field Research Around Qaanaaq Coast, Northwestern Greenland 2023
We conducted multiple measurements round Qaanaaq Coast, Northwestern Greenland from July to September, 2023. The reports are available from the links below.
Workshop in Qaanaaq, Northwest Greenland (August 3, 2023)(2023/9/14)New!
Field observations at Qaanaaq Glacier and its outlet stream in northwestern Greenland(2023/9/6)


REPORTS 過去の活動報告はこちら