sico_main_loop_m Module Reference

Main loop of SICOPOLIS. More...


subroutine sico_main_loop (delta_ts, glac_index, mean_accum, dtime, dtime_temp, dtime_wss, dtime_out, dtime_ser, time, time_init, time_end, time_output, dxi, deta, dzeta_c, dzeta_t, dzeta_r, z_sl, dzsl_dtau, z_mar, ii, jj, nn, ndat2d, ndat3d, n_output, runname)
 Main routine of sico_main_loop_m: Main loop of SICOPOLIS. More...

Detailed Description

Main loop of SICOPOLIS.

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine sico_main_loop_m::sico_main_loop ( real(dp), intent(inout)  delta_ts,
real(dp), intent(inout)  glac_index,
real(dp), intent(in)  mean_accum,
real(dp), intent(in)  dtime,
real(dp), intent(in)  dtime_temp,
real(dp), intent(in)  dtime_wss,
real(dp), intent(in)  dtime_out,
real(dp), intent(in)  dtime_ser,
real(dp), intent(inout)  time,
real(dp), intent(in)  time_init,
real(dp), intent(in)  time_end,
real(dp), dimension(100), intent(in)  time_output,
real(dp), intent(in)  dxi,
real(dp), intent(in)  deta,
real(dp), intent(in)  dzeta_c,
real(dp), intent(in)  dzeta_t,
real(dp), intent(in)  dzeta_r,
real(dp), intent(inout)  z_sl,
real(dp), intent(inout)  dzsl_dtau,
real(dp), intent(inout)  z_mar,
integer(i4b), dimension((imax+1)*(jmax+1)), intent(in)  ii,
integer(i4b), dimension((imax+1)*(jmax+1)), intent(in)  jj,
integer(i4b), dimension(0:jmax,0:imax), intent(in)  nn,
integer(i4b), intent(inout)  ndat2d,
integer(i4b), intent(inout)  ndat3d,
integer(i4b), intent(in)  n_output,
character(len=100), intent(in)  runname 

Main routine of sico_main_loop_m: Main loop of SICOPOLIS.

Definition at line 59 of file sico_main_loop_m.F90.