Modules List
Here is a list of all modules with brief descriptions:
 Nboundary_mComputation of the surface temperature (must be less than 0 deg C!) and of the accumulation-ablation function
 Ncalc_bas_melt_mComputation of the basal melting rate
 Ncalc_dxyz_mComputation of all components of the strain-rate tensor, the full effective strain rate and the shear fraction
 Ncalc_enhance_mComputation of the flow enhancement factor
 Ncalc_gia_mComputation of the glacial isostatic adjustment of the lithosphere surface
 Ncalc_temp_enth_mComputation of temperature, water content and age with the enthalpy method
 Ncalc_temp_mComputation of temperature, water content and age
 Ncalc_temp_melt_bas_mComputation of the melting and basal temperatures
 Ncalc_thk_mComputation of the ice thickness
 Ncalc_thk_water_bas_mComputation of the thickness of the water column under the ice base
 Ncalc_vxy_mComputation of the horizontal velocity vx, vy
 Ncalc_vz_mComputation of the vertical velocity vz
 Ncalving_underwater_ice_mCalving of "underwater ice"
 Ncompare_float_mComparison of single- or double-precision floating-point numbers
 Ndischarge_workers_mIce discharge parameterization for the Greenland ice sheet
 Nenth_temp_omega_mConversion from temperature (temp) and water content (omega) to enthalpy (enth) and vice versa
 Nice_material_properties_mMaterial properties of ice: Rate factor, heat conductivity, specific heat (heat capacity), creep function, viscosity
 Ninit_temp_water_age_mInitial temperature, water content and age
 Nmars_instemp_mComputation of the daily mean surface temperature of Mars based on obliquity, eccentricity and the anomaly of vernal equinox (local insolation temperature scheme = LIT scheme)
 Nmask_update_sea_level_mUpdate of the ice-land-ocean mask due to changes of the sea level
 Nmetric_mDefinition of the components g11 and g22 of the metric tensor of the applied numerical coordinates
 Nnc_check_mNetCDF error capturing
 Noutput_mWriting of output data on files
 Npdd_mComputation of the positive degree days (PDD) with statistical temperature fluctuations; based on semi-analytical solution by Calov and Greve (2005)
 Nread_mReading of several input data
 Nsico_end_mEnding of SICOPOLIS
 Nsico_init_mInitialisations for SICOPOLIS
 Nsico_main_loop_mMain loop of SICOPOLIS
 Nsico_maths_mSeveral mathematical tools used by SICOPOLIS
 Nsico_types_mDeclarations of kind types for SICOPOLIS
 Nsico_variables_mDeclarations of global variables for SICOPOLIS
 Nsico_vars_mDeclarations of global variables for SICOPOLIS (for the ANT domain)
 Nstereo_proj_mComputation of the forward or inverse stereographic projection, alternatively for a spherical or an ellipsoidal planet
 Ntopograd_mCalculation of topography gradients on the staggered grid and on the grid points (including length rescaling with the corresponding components of the metric tensor)