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Here are the data types with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
oCenth_temp_omegaConversion from temperature (temp) and water content (omega) to enthalpy (enth) and vice versa
oCice_material_quantitiesMaterial quantities of ice: Rate factor, heat conductivity, specific heat (heat capacity)
oCinstempComputation of the daily mean surface temperature of Mars based on obliquity, eccentricity and the anomaly of vernal equinox (local insolation temperature scheme = LIS scheme)
|\CinsMartian surface temperatures
oCnc_checkNetCDF error capturing
oCsico_sle_solversSolvers for systems of linear equations used by SICOPOLIS
oCsico_typesDeclarations of kind types for SICOPOLIS
oCsico_variablesDeclarations of global variables for SICOPOLIS
\Csico_varsDeclarations of global variables for SICOPOLIS (for the ANT domain)